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Breaking the Time Zone Barrier

My family and I are the Time Zone Travelers.  We love to travel and experience new adventures. The food, the scenery, and the cultures are the top three reasons we enjoy seeing the world.  We tend to travel last minute, so all of our plans tend to change a lot – sometimes repeatedly on the day of travel.  Therefore, we have started to master the art of last minute planning. This begins with booking a place to stay, tours and sites to see, and finishing on where we want to eat.  Follow along with us as we travel across different time zones to experience a different and unique location.

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Oahu Food Tour

Oahu Food Tour

  When planning an Oahu vacation, do not forget to schedule where to eat on the island. We’ve done a lot of the work for you by putting together this Oahu food tour guide. In this Hawaii food guide, there are trendy new restaurants, food trucks, food shacks,...

Embassy Suites Waikiki Hotel Review

Embassy Suites Waikiki Hotel Review

Planning a trip to Waikiki Beach? Researching the best hotels in Waikiki? Well, no need to look any further than the Embassy Suites Waikiki Beach! Keep on reading for a detailed Embassy Suites Waikiki hotel review! This property might not be "oceanfront", but it is...

Visiting Frankenmuth in December

Visiting Frankenmuth in December

Are you ready to visit the best Christmas town in the USA?! Visiting Frankenmuth in December is even more magical than any other time of year! Frankenmuth, Michigan, is one of the most famous Christmas destinations in the United States and for very good reasons! You...

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