Planning a trip to Mall of America, but not sure which Mall of America attractions to do?

After spending three straight days there, we feel like we have a good grasp on things to do at Mall of America…both good and bad. 

First off, the Mall of America hours typically run from 10:00am to 9:30pm…giving you plenty of time to squeeze in a lot of fun!

That being said, we believe you need a good three days here to get in all the attractions, all the Mall of America restaurants, and to visit whichever Mall of America stores that are on your list. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have three days, you can still pack in a ton of Mall of America events. 

Fun fact: There are over 500 stores in Mall of America, but every year, about 25 close and they gain about 25 new ones. 

Alright, now back to things to do at the Mall of America. 

If you’re looking for rides at the Mall of America, theaters at Mall of America, the Mall of America aquarium, and well, pretty much anything else you can think up, it’s here.

We’re going to review a dozen Mall of America activities to help you decide on how to spend your time and money during your Mall of America trip!

We have to start with Nickelodeon Universe, because it is the Mall of America amusement park that everyone talks about. 

If your kids grew up watching Nickelodeon, then you have to visit at least once. Our son was reliving his early childhood with attractions starring some of his favorite TV characters. 

The Mall of America rides at Nickelodeon Universe range from toddler friendly to extreme thrill rides. 

You can purchase an all day wristband for unlimited rides, you can purchase points if you know you only want to ride a couple of rides, or you can even purchase single rides. 

One of the best ways to explore Nickelodeon Universe and other top Bloomington attractions, is to purchase The Big Ticket

You can customize your package to include some of the best things to do in Mall of America, including Nickelodeon Universe. 

Nickelodeon Universe offers 27 rides and attractions and they’re labeled: Junior, Family, or Thrill. 

An iconic Mall of America roller coaster, Pepsi Orange Steak, stretches across the entire amusement park. (Also, if you have a child who is not tall enough to ride alone, a chaperone, AKA a parent, can ride for free to allow the kid to ride. This is AMAZING!)

Overall, Nickelodeon Universe did not disappoint. It’s an indoor amusement park that charged a fair amount for some pretty thrilling rides…that you won’t find at Disney!

HELPFUL HINT: You do NOT have to pay to get into Nickelodeon Universe! You ONLY pay if you ride. So, if you’re a momma like me who doesn’t care to ride rides, you can still go in and be with your family without paying a dime! That’s HUGE for an amusement park. 

The Void

If you’ve been searching for what to do at Mall of America, you might have come across The Void

The Void is a badass virtual reality experience that I can’t even begin to describe. We watched a video from their website and it still didn’t prepare me for what we experienced. 

First of all, I get motion sickness easily, and I didn’t get a hint of it participating in this. Also, no headaches. It was just legit fun.

Real quick…this just might be one of the best Mall of America things to do, and here’s why:

1. This isn’t your Best Buy version of virtual reality. Their equipment, their software, and their game room layout is about as top notch as you’re going to find. 

2. You just don’t see the virtual reality, but you feel it. If you’re near water in the experience, you’re going to get misted. If you’re near fire, you’ll feel heat. You truly feel like you’re in a video game. 

3. Honestly, you just have to see for yourself. I promise…you’ll be blown away. 

There are less than 15 locations in the United States, so if you don’t live close to one and you’re looking for top notch MOA attractions, look no further.

HELPFUL HINT: If you’re wanting a particular virtual reality experience (Avengers, Star Wars, etc.) check with your location first. We would’ve LOVED to do Avengers, but they split the week between Avengers and Star Wars and we missed it by a day or two.  

Flyover America in Mall of America

What’s even better than riding a roller coaster at Mall of America? FlyOver America! Have you ridden Soarin’ at the Disney parks?

Well, FlyOver America is just like Soarin’, but I’d say that it’s even better. It’s longer and covers a lot more places. 

For those who haven’t ridden either, FlyOver America in Mall of America is a ride or experience like no other. 

You sit in a suspended chair and with the special effects from the screen and the chair movements, you literally feel like you’re gliding or flying. 

Scents, mist, and wind, are other special effects that are added to this ride. Every thing combined leaves you feeling like it’s the real deal. 

In addition to FlyOver America, they add other “flyovers” as well and change them up periodically. When we went, they offered FlyOver Canada and after we left, they were about to offer FlyOver Hawaii. 

If I were you, I’d pay for the additional ride, as you just won’t find anything like this elsewhere. 

Oh! I do suffer from motion sickness, and I did feel it just a little bit on this ride. I keep mints with me just in case, and I did take a mint to help settle my stomach a little. 

That said, I’d ride again and again. It’s not that bad. There’s a reason why this just might be the most popular Mall of America ride!

Amazing Mirror Maze in Mall of America

There are so many fun things to do at the mall, and the Amazing Mirror Maze is another. 

Our 15 year old asked to do this during our visit to Mall of America, and we really enjoyed it. We actually had the entire maze to ourselves, because we went right when it opened. 

They give you gloves to wear, so you don’t get finger prints all over the mirrors. They did a good job of keeping them clean, because I may or may not have run into one! Ha!

Although we enjoyed our visit, the price is steep in my opinion. You get to stay in as long as you’d like, but once you leave…if you want to go back in, it’ll cost another $2.

It was cool, but you should check your budget. If you got a little more to burn through, do it. However, I’d save my money for The Void and FlyOver America. 

Rock of Ages Blacklight Mini-Golf in Mall of America 

Oh my gosh. Let me just say, I’m not into min-golf, but this one was SO much fun!

Between the blacklights, glow-in-the-dark golf balls, the over-sized bright and fun decor, and the music…I had the best time here!

A few of the holes had interactive displays too. We’d keep hitting balls just to have the guitar light up or make the jukebox play music. 

When you travel throughout the course, the music would change based on the era you were in. If you’re a music fan, then you’ll really enjoy this game of min-golf! 

There are a ton of MOA activities to chose from, but I have to say…this was a favorite of ours. If you can add it to a ticket package, do it! 

Dutchman’s Deck Adventure Course with Zip Line 

Zip lining inside a mall?! Where do I sign up? The Mall of America high ropes course at Dutchman’s Deck allows you climb the 56 foot high ropes obstacles. 

Once you start the climb up, you can the zip line on the longest indoor zip line in all of North America! You actually zip line twice. 

You zip line over parts of Nickelodeon Universe and folks down below will stop to take photos of you and watch you zip on by. 

Once, you wrap up on the zip line and finish the ropes course, you finish with a ride in the spiral slide. 

We enjoyed this attraction and do recommend it. Especially for the dare devils in your family. 

Crayola Experience in Mall of America  

Okay, we have older kids, so you wouldn’t think that we’d be hanging out at the Crayola Experience. However, for us, it was one of the funnest attractions in Mall of America.  

When you enter, they give you two tokens. One is to create your very own crayon wrapper with your own color name, and the other is to get yourself a package of modeling clay. 

With our 15 year old son, we did just about everything they offered. 

Don’t let the name Crayola scare you off. Is it more designed for a younger audience? Sure.

However, we colored, we did the drip art, the melt and mold, and even danced with the crayons. It was still time spent doing something fun. 

Wanna know what to do at the Mall of America? This. You want to do this. If you have younger ones, it’s a must-do. 

Look, I know that I get giddy about things and I tend to find fun wherever I go, but I’m telling ya…it’s cool!

CMX Market Cinema in Mall of America  

Did you know that there are people who have long layovers at the Minneapolis airport who head to the mall just to catch a movie at this Mall of America cinema?

What’s cool about the CMX Market Cinema is that you actually “shop” in a little market for your snacks. 

They’re not just any snacks though. You can get fresh pizza, burgers, milkshakes, and oh…cocktails! 

Once you’re finished shopping for your snacks, dinner, and drinks, you head to your movie, where they have luxury seating!

You might not have thought about seeing a movie on vacation, but if you have some downtime or NEED some downtime, this will be a great way to get it. 

Sea Life Behind-the-Scenes Tour in Mall of America  

For additional $10 on top of your entrance fee into Sea Life, you can take a behind the scenes tour. 

With this small group tour, you head back to the lab where you get to hold and examine shark fins, shark jaws, and other sea species. 

The tour guide fills you in on a ton of facts on both the aquarium and the animals they have there.

You also get to visit the kitchen, where you get to see what the animals eat, how much and how often they eat, and how they prep the food for each and every animal at Sea Life. 

The last portion of the tour is of the deck of their 300 foot tunnel that runs through the Mall of America aquarium. 

This area is cool, because you can see some of the sharks and turtles up close without the glass. 

They also talk about how they test the waters, how they add salt, and their overall conservation efforts. 

If you’re already attending Seal Life, we do recommend the behind the scenes tour. In our group, we had people from about five years old to about sixty years old. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. 

If you decide to do this, say hi to Seemore the sea turtle for us!

Skate the Star at Mall of America  

Skate the Star is fairly new at Mall of America, and it’s only around for a short time…like less than two months. 

However, if you happen to be in town when it’s open (around December into early February), we do recommend it! 

First off, it’s for a wonderful cause! It’s free to skate, but for skate rentals, it’s only $5 (not bad for Mall of America prices) and that money goes to the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities. 

Another reason is that you’re in Minnesota in the winter…why would you not ice skate?! 

The star is located outside the Mall of America entrance, the north entrance to be exact. 

5D Extreme Attraction in Mall of America  

Okay, so there are so many MOA attractions to choose from, and unfortunately for us, the 5D Extreme Atrraction fell short. 

It looks cool from the outside, but the experience itself was not worth the money paid. This was the only disappointment out of everything we did in Mall of America. 

You know it’s going to be bad, when you ask your son how it was, and he simply says, “That was lame.” My husband agreed.

They were expecting more special effects with it advertising it as 5D, and they said it just didn’t deliver. 

That being said, save your money. Spend on other things to do in MOA, but don’t waste it here. 

Moose Mountain Adventure Golf in Mall of America  

Yes, Mall of America is so big that it has TWO mini-golf locations. Moose Mountain has more of a country take on mini-golf, and is located across from Culinary on North Food Court on the third level. 

Compared to Rock of Ages, I think the holes are longer or more challenging here at Moose Mountain.

The course offers cool views of Nickelodeon Universe, so that’s pretty neat too. 

In our opinion, it’s fun, but if we had to choose one, we’d pick Rock of Ages mini-golf. 

Mall of America Attractions

Out of all the Minnesota attractions, there’s nothing like the great Mall of America. There’s a reason why over 40 million people visit the Mall of America in Minnesota. 

With about five million square feet of space inside Mall of America, you will not get bored! There’s something for everyone and every age.

From the MOA rides, ice skating, mini-golf, and well, you know…the list goes on and on.

One more thing that I think will be extremely helpful: Download the Mall of America app! The app will have the Mall of America map and Mall of America directory. 

Having access to both of these on your phone will allow you to better navigate the four story mall!

Well, we hope you enjoy planning your vacation to the great Mall of America!

Where to Stay Near the Mall of America

There are many options when looking for a hotel near Mall of America, but we recommend the Hyatt Regency Bloomington. 

There are a few reasons why we enjoy this hotel: 

1. They have a free shuttle that runs to and from the airport and the Mall of America. We were impressed with how punctual the shuttle was. 

2. They have HUGE bedrooms and bathrooms. If you’re traveling as a family, these are the rooms you want! 

3. Their breakfast. It’s not free, but it’s so good and they pride themselves on using a lot of local ingredients. The portions are large too, so you can start the day will a full stomach. 

4. The lobby is incredibly inviting. They have a gorgeous fire place and there were people gathered around throughout the day. 

I will say, if you have the budget, stay on site. The Mall of America hotels attached, are super nice and convenient. Staying on site eliminates you having to be one someone else’s schedule (shuttle). 

There are plenty of Mall of America hotel packages to look into too. 

Thank you Mall of America and Bloomington, Minnesota for hosting us! It was so much fun!

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