Czech Republic is home to one of the prettiest European cities around, Prague. Where is Prague located? It’s in the northwest region of the Czech Republic on the Vltava River. Prague city is very walkable. Once we landed from our quick Amsterdam to Prague flight, got into Prague city centre, we walked to all the top things to see in Prague.

Although the busiest time to visit is the summer, a Prague Christmas is high on tourists list too. The Prague Christmas market is very popular and brings in visitors from all over the world.

In this post, we’ll cover the most recommended Prague highlights, the best of Prague, and how to get the most out of your Prague vacation. If you’re needing help looking for restaurants, look no further than here!

Best View of Prague from Coffee in Garden

Coffee in Garden is located just off the Zamecke Schody, the populated stair walkway leading to the Prague Castle. No matter where you stay in Prague, this area should be rather accessible by just walking. As you’re on the Zamecke Schody, Coffee in Garden will mid-way up, on the left if you’re headed up to the castle. There will be a doorway in the wall with the smallest green sign saying ‘Coffee in Garden’. If you’re not paying attention, you can easily pass it.

The views of Old Town from here is a Prague must see. The coffee shop is rather small and seating is limited. However, if you can score yourself a table outside, you’ll have a front row seat of one of top things to do in Prague, take in the famous views. 

PRO TIP: They have bathrooms here! So, order yourself one of their amazing iced coffees, relax for a few, and then take advantage of the free bathroom before exploring other Prague landmarks.  

Old Town Square at Night

So, it’s no shocker that Old Town Square should be added to your ‘things to do in Prague’ list. However, you should schedule an entire evening to spend in the famous square. Old Town Square is home to some of the best restaurants in Prague, the best hotels in Prague, and some of the most popular Prague tourist attractions. 

In the evenings, tourists and locals flock to the square for people watching, street entertainment, and of course, check out one of the most popular places to visit in Prague lit up, the Church of Our Lady. 

We recommend you stop by one of many street vendors to grab a snack, find a spot to plop down, and take in the beauty of the Prague nightlife. 

Paddle Boat the Vltava River at Sunset

Want to have the most memorable experience when you visit Prague? Rent a paddle boat and paddle around the Vltava River and see the Prague castle and the other buildings light up the sky. It’s one things seeing the water from around town, but it’s a whole other view when you’re actually on it!

I’d rank this as one of the best things to do in Prague. Hands down. It was rather cheap too. The places we rented from charged us around $15 for an entire hour. (Not sure what it would cost in Prague currency, because we only used our credit cards and leftover euros.) We lucked out with the Prague weather, because it had stormed all afternoon, but cleared up in time to catch the sun setting over the city. 

As far as Prague attractions go, I highly recommend you add this to your Prague itinerary. 

Prague Castle Tour 

One of the most popular things to see in Prague is the Prague Castle. The castle grounds play a large role in Prague tourism. There are multiple tickets options to choose from when visiting the castle. You can explore the outside and partially inside for free. 

I recommend you choose a castle tour which includes both Golden Lane and Daliborka Tower. Golden Lane is the cutest row of colorful houses that are dated back to the 15th or 16th century. The Daliborka Tower has some medieval prison cells and torture devices. Very interesting! The tower alone makes this one of the coolest Prague tours offered. 

PRO TIP: Heads up. There is security before entering the castle grounds. It goes by very quickly. Also, for another amazing Prague sightseeing view, you can grab a light lunch, snack, or drink at the Lobkowicz Palace Cafe on their terrace. 

Walk the Charles Bridge

If you read any Prague travel guide, such as Lonely Planet Prague, it’ll mention walk the Charles Bridge. Built in the 1300s and completed sometime in the 15th century, it makes for the perfect walkway from Old Town and Prague Castle. 

Interesting information: the statues on the bridge are amazing, but they’re replicas. The originals are located in the local museum, National Museum. 

Charles Bridge can become very crowded, so if you’d like the best views of the city or river from the bridge, come very early in the morning. It’s one of the most popular Prague sites. 

Eat Ice Cream Filled Trdelnik

Look on any Prague map and you’ll find like a hundred different Trdelnik restaurants on there. You can hardly walk ten feet before you reach another stand. Trdelink is a sweet grilled pastry covered in sugar. You can eat it alone or have in filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream. 

Funny story about these desserts: it’s said that they’re not originally from Czech Republic at all. They started showing up in Prague in 2010 and now they’re HUGE! Tourist think they’re getting a local food, when most locals in the country have never had them. 

Either way, indulging in this dessert is now a must do in Prague. 

The Prague Astronomical Clock

What to see in Prague? This is one of the biggest questions asked when trips to Prague are being planned. The Astronomical Clock is one of the most famous places to see in Prague. The clock is the third oldest astronomical clock in the entire world (dating back to 1410) and the oldest that is still operating. 

It is located in Old Town Square, and folks gather around every hour to catch the animated characters come out at the start of each hour of the day. If you have only one day in Prague, I recommend you spend it exploring this area. 

PRO TIP: If you want to watch the clock in action, without 500 people around you, go early in the morning. The 6:00am or 7:00am times will allow you to almost have the clock to yourself. If you don’t mind sharing the space and possible phones in your view, gather around the clock about five to ten minutes early to get a good central location. 

Hotel U Prince Rooftop Restaurant Views

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Prague, then look no further than Old Town Square. There, you’ll find the 12th century old five star hotel, Hotel U Prince. You can check out the reviews for this place here! However, if you have your hotel in Prague covered, you should still keep this hotel in mind for its incredible rooftop restaurant, Teresa U Prince. 

Although this is not one of the best Prague restaurants as far as food goes, it has killer drinks and a view of Old Town Square that only a very few get to take in. Honestly, my recommendation would be to book a table for the restaurant, share an appetizer and some drinks, and just soak up the insane view. Eat elsewhere later.

PRO TIP: This restaurant is Instagram popular, so you have to book a reservation days in advance sometimes. You can make and change the reservation all online and it’s super easy to do. Also, we were there at 3:00pm, the heat of the day, but most of the tables were under umbrellas, so it was comfortable. 

Jewish Museum in Prague 

One of the best museums in Prague is the Jewish Museum, which is made up of a few Synagogues, a cemetery, and overall the Jewish Town. When searching what to do in Prague, we came across this. Out of all the Prague top attractions, this was a highlight for our family.

If you’re interested in WW2 and that era in time, you will LOVE this tour. Once you purchase your admission, you can tour the entire area as long as you want. Our favorite part of this museum is the Children’s Drawings from the Terezin Ghetto exhibit. This is located in the Pinkas Synagogue. This Synagogue is now a memorial to almost 80,000 Jewish victims. Their names have been painted on the walls. 

I’d plan for at least half a day to cover this museum, although I’m sure you can stay longer. For an additional fee, you can book a guided tour too. We chose to explore this self-guided and taking our time.  

PRO TIP: Personally, I recommend that ladies enter with their shoulders covered out of respect. I try to follow this when exploring any religious site. They do suggest that men wear the traditional headcovering, the kippah, while touring the museum. They were asked to put it on when entering one of the synagogues. The kippahs are provided at the entrance of the museum for free.

Hanger Bar

Out of all the themed Prague restaurants, you have to visit Hanger Bar Prague. Especially if you love airline travel! Hanger Bar sticks outs from all the other bars in Prague. It’s not just for the fun nightlife, but it’s also a killer restaurant. 

This Pan Am decorated restaurant is covered in all things airline. The waitresses wear flight attendant uniforms and the bartenders are pilots. Before you are served your food, they give you warm washcloths to wash your hands, like they do when you’re seated in First Class. 

The service was spot on, the restaurant was clean, and the food was excellent. We visited around 6:00pm for dinner, but I hear it can turn into one of the funnest things to do in Prague at night. The downstairs is the Hanger Club, and based on their Instagram page, they look like they know how to have some fun in the wee hours of the night. 

Out of all the fun things to do in Prague, this is a top contender! 

PRO TIP: If you’re like us, and you don’t do the late nights, make sure you visit for dinner. It was really quiet and enjoyable. I recommend the chicken wings and the fried mac n’ cheese burger. You can’t go wrong with either. 

Kampa Island

Listed as another best area to stay in Prague is near Kempa Island. This is a quieter area of Prague that is surrounded by restaurants, art, museums, and of course, water. You’ll find Kampa Island recommended in any Prague tourist guide. Especially, in the summer months. You can find folks enjoying a picnic while watching the paddle boarders and boats pass by.

This area is also home to some of Prague’s fun street art, sculptures, and the famous yellow penguins. The penguins light up at night with the city scape right behind them.

PRO TIP: If you have children, there is a HUGE obstacle course playground here. It’ll be sure to keep them busy. There are also the Giant Babies sculptures that they can climb on too. 

Prague Highlights

This Prague guide can easily get you through 3 days in Prague. It’ll be one of the simpler cities you visit, because everything is so close and walkable. It’ll also be one of the cleanest cities that you explore, which says a lot when compared to some of the others in Europe. Anyway, have fun, eat well, and get lost exploring Praha. 


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