This is going to be your ultimate Prague food guide for your upcoming trip to Prague. We will show you some of the best Czech Republic food there is! From traditional Czech cuisine, to Prague street food, from the not-so traditional Czech desserts, to some of the best restaurants in Prague Old Town. There will be something for everyone on this list of Prague restaurants!

By the time you’re finished reading over these top restaurants in Prague, you’ll be booking that flight to Prague Czech Republic! While you’re deciding on where to eat in Prague, make sure you check out some of Prague’s highlights!

One thing we didn’t do, but was on the list and highly rated, is the three-hour dinner cruise on the Vltava River at night. It included a buffet of Czech and international food, a welcome drink, live music, and being able to see the famous sights lit up at night. If you’re interested, you can read more about it and book your cruise here

U Pivrnce – Czech Restaurant 

This highly rated gastropub, U Pivrnce, is not to be missed! Especially if you’re looking to try some authentic Czech food. Not to mention, it’s one of the best restaurants in Prague. The restaurant itself is covered in a local Czech’s artwork, and you can find humor everywhere from the walls, to the silverware holder, to the chairs you sit in! Just scroll through these photos to see what I mean. 

Open for lunch and dinner, you can’t go wrong ordering the Svickova (pictured first) and the chicken schnitzel. Both dishes were prepared with so much flavor and the service was excellent. The restaurant is very close to Old Town, so make sure you check out one of the best Czech restaurants in Prague, U Pivrnce.  


So, there’s kind of a donut war going on in Prague, and I’m a firm believer in trying them both to see who really has the best donut. Donuterie serves freshly made Czech pastries, and by Czech pastries, I mean donuts…with no artificial colors or flavors. Based on TripAdvisor, this is one of the best places to eat in Prague when searching for desserts. I guess donuts are a popular food in Prague. 

When looking for cheap eats in Prague, you can’t go wrong with donuts. The restaurant itself is an Instagrammers dream. There are so many bright colors and the couch is, well, get this, an old clawfoot tub that has been cut out. 

The Irish Times Bar

The Irish Times Bar is the place to go if you’re looking for a great Irish pub. This is also one of the best places to eat in Prague. The dishes are fresh, authentic, and served in a timely manner. We recommend the fish and chips, the roasted chicken dinner, and the salmon. 

I know it’s not traditional Czech food, but I promise you won’t be disappointed when you enjoy a dinner in Prague at this amazing Irish restaurant. Not only is the food flavorful, but they have a great outdoor seating area. 

Good Food Coffee & Bakery 

Out of all the food in Prague, what is Prague known for? Well, once you get there, you’ll see everyone walking around with what is called a trdelnik. Good Food Coffee & Bakery are serving theirs up a little different than the other restaurants. This sweetened bread is baked on an open flame and then formed into a cone shape. It’s then filled with soft serve ice cream. 

Don’t have a sweet tooth? That’s okay! This Czech street food can be made into a savory item as well…filled with mac n’ cheese! I wouldn’t just go to any ole’ place selling these off the street. Make sure you visit this location. As you can see in the photo, it’s amongst other restaurants near Charles Bridge Prague. 

Sad Man’s Tongue 

If there is a Prague food tour, I would hope that it included Sad Man’s Tongue. Not known for Czech dishes, this joint can serve up a great burger and an insane buffalo chicken sandwich. The atmosphere is set around the 1950s and 1960s and the service was probably the best we had during the entire visit. Personally, I’d rank this as some of the best of Prague eating. 

Coffee & Waffles 

Okay, have you ever found a place on accident that turned out to be amazing? Like, so good that you went back AGAIN?! That’s what Coffee & Waffles did for us. I might end up saying this a lot, but this was some of the best food in Prague!

We just happened to walk by this place and decided to grab lunch. Well, it was so good the first time, that we came back later in the evening for dessert waffles! This is the place to go when looking for breakfast food to eat in Prague. They serve breakfast ALL DAY! 

Hanger Bar 

Out of all the themed Prague restaurants, you have to visit Hanger Bar Prague. Especially if you love airline travel! Hanger Bar sticks outs from all the other bars in Prague. It’s not just for the fun nightlife, but it’s also a killer restaurant. 

This Pan Am decorated restaurant is covered in all things airline. The waitresses wear flight attendant uniforms and the bartenders are pilots. Before you are served your food, they give you warm washcloths to wash your hands, like they do when you’re seated in First Class. 

The service was spot on, the restaurant was clean, and the food was excellent. We visited around 6:00pm for dinner, but I hear it can turn into one of the funnest things to do in Prague at night. The downstairs is the Hanger Club, and based on their Instagram page, they look like they know how to have some fun in the wee hours of the night. 

Out of all the cool restaurants in Prague, this is a top contender! It’s definitely one of the best local restaurants in Prague.

Al Minuto 

You normally wouldn’t think Italian food when researching what to eat in Prague, but Al Minuto not only has a pizza three times bigger than your face, but it’s views from the outside patio are DREAMY. It is one of the best restaurants in Prague with a view, because the view is pretty much all of Old Town Square. 

We had to include this place in our little Prague restaurant guide solely based on location. You can’t get more central than this place. I will add that you’ll probably pay more than what the food is worth, but it’s also a give and take since you’re eating in the most populated area of Prague. 

Creme De La Creme 

Doesn’t it make sense that ice cream has to be on the ‘must eat in Prague’ list?! I mean, it’s ice cream! Creme De La Creme keeps a long line out the door, but it moves quickly. Don’t get discouraged when you walk up and see folks in that long line. 

Along with ice cream, they sold a mix of other pastries and desserts there as well. The ice cream itself is incredibly smooth and creamy. The serving sizes are nice too. 

Cafe La Torta 

I’m going to get this out now…these are things to eat in Prague that should NOT be missed! Just take a look at them! These are tiramiu sundaes and I kid you not, we returned to Cafe La Torta  two nights later for more. This dessert themed restaurant has so many choices and is right near Old Town Square. 

Other than ice cream sundaes, they sell crepes, cakes, and coffee. Out of all the places to serve beer in Prague, this is also one of them. 

Coffee in Garden 

Coffee in Garden is located just off the Zamecke Schody, the populated stair walkway leading to the Prague Castle. No matter where you stay in Prague, this area should be rather accessible by just walking. As you’re on the Zamecke Schody, Coffee in Garden will be mid-way up, on the left, if you’re headed up to the castle. There will be a doorway in the wall with the smallest green sign saying ‘Coffee in Garden’. If you’re not paying attention, you can easily pass it.

The views of Old Town from here is a Prague must see. The coffee shop is rather small and seating is limited. However, if you can score yourself a table outside, you’ll have some of the best views at one of the best cafes in Prague.

PRO TIP: They have bathrooms here! So, order yourself one of their amazing iced coffees, relax for a few, and then take advantage of the free bathroom before exploring other Prague landmarks. 

Teresa U Prince 

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Prague, then look no further than Old Town Square. There, you’ll find the 12th century old five star hotel, Hotel U Prince. You can check out the reviews for this place here! However, if you have your hotel covered, you should still keep this place in mind. It has one of the top Prague restaurants with a view, Teresa U Prince. 

Although this is not one of the best Prague restaurants as far as food goes, it has killer drinks and a view of Old Town Square that only a very few get to take in. Honestly, my recommendation would be to book a table for the restaurant, share an appetizer and some drinks, and just soak up the insane view. Eat a full meal elsewhere.

PRO TIP: This restaurant is Instagram popular, so you have to book a reservation days in advance sometimes. You can make and change the reservation all online and it’s super easy to do. Also, we were there at 3:00pm, the heat of the day, but most of the tables were under umbrellas, so it was comfortable. 


There are so many good restaurants in Prague, but one thing we were surprised about was the amount of cool cafes! We loved the feel and vibe of Pauseterie so much that we made it our go-to coffee shop while in Prague. If you’re into “pretty” coffees, they have them. If you’re into a great tasting flat white, they have them too. They also serve breakfast, brunch, and of course, desserts. 

Norbert’s Donuts 

Also in the top 10 restaurants in Prague for desserts, is another donut shop, Norbert’s Donuts. Personally, this was the winner of the donut war for me. Their Biscoff cookie donut was like nothing I’ve ever had before, and I definitely recommend you try one!

Prague Food Guide

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our Prague food guide, and that you’ve made a list for yourself to all the places you want to try. From some of the best Czech food in Prague, to fine dining, to tasty street food, Prague has so much to offer with its diverse options of restaurants. Enjoy your trip to Prague, Czech Republic, and eat well!


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