Do you have your Mall of America vacation planned, but now wondering what the best Mall of America food is?!

There are over 500 Mall of America stores and about 50 Mall of America restaurants! We’re here to help you find some of the best food at Mall of America!

We’ll share budget friendly restaurants at the Mall of America, where you can take a cooking class (and then eat it, of course), where to go if you have a sweet tooth, and some of the best eats in the Mall of America food court.

Some of these places to eat in Mall of America aren’t considered normal mall food and you’ll see that for yourself.

Now, don’t you worry about if you’re going to have an appetite or not, because between walking all four Mall of America floors and experiencing the Mall of America attractions, you’re going to be hungry!

So, pack your stretchy pants, because you’re about to eat some amazing food in Mall of America!

Now, there are some great places to eat at Mall of America, but if you’re looking for a “little” snack, Opps Sweets is a must stop! 

I’m normally not a huge fan of cotton candy, as I think it’s too sweet. However, there’s something amazing about this cotton candy and it’s not overwhelmingly sweet. 

I thought we’d buy this giant cotton candy character and end up throwing half of it away, but we didn’t. Between the three of us, we just about finished it. 

When you first walk up, they’ll offer you a free sample that includes all the flavors they offer. You can then choose your animal based on which flavors you want or whichever one you think is the cutest.  

If you pull up the Mall of America map, you’ll find Oppa Sweets on the third level on the west side. 

HELPFUL HINT: Have a strong sweet tooth?! Oppa Sweets also offers cotton candy ice cream burritos! If you’re wanting very instagrammable food photos, this is the place to visit! The cotton candy animals and the cotton candy ice cream burritos scream Instagram! 

Bonchon Chicken Mall of America

Bonchon Chicken is the only place that we visited twice in the three days we spent in the great Mall of America, and hear this…it wasn’t for the chicken. 

I know, I know. Chicken is literally in the name of one of the most popular MOA restaurants, but the Korean bulgogi tacos are literally to die for. We ate these TWICE and here I am, weeks later, dreaming of them. 

Also, another killer dish you can’t pass up at Bonchon Chicken is the steamed pork buns. We felt like we were transported back to Korea after eating these. 

Don’t get me wrong, the chicken is really good. The fry is perfect and the flavor of the soy garlic is amazing, but I just don’t think the chicken is the true gem here. 

My suggestion? Order the pork buns, bulgogi tacos, and a small serving of the chicken. That way you can try everything. You will not be disappointed. 

You can find Bonchon in the food court right above the Mall of America Lego store. 

FireLake Grill House Mall of America

Hands down, FireLake Grill House has to be one of the best restaurants in Mall of America and here are a few reasons why:

1. The cheese curds. Y’all. These cheese curds are bite-sized crack balls. We couldn’t stop eating them…like hoarding them, and taking them for ourselves. We were eating here with locals, and many said that these are THE best cheese curds in Minnesota. 

2. It’s farm-to-table. They work with almost 50 local farmers, ranchers, and artisans to build the menu they have. That’s impressive!

3. The restaurant itself is very beautiful. The atmosphere is inviting and they’re large enough to host many Mall of America events. 

4. They serve breakfast! There aren’t many options for breakfast inside Mall of America, but they offer a full breakfast and brunch!

So, go ahead and book your reservation to experience some of the best food at Mall of America!

HELPFUL HINT: Try the locally brewed root beer, Killebrew. It was amazing!

Sugar Factory Mall of America

There’s a good chance that you’ve seen Sugar Factory somewhere on social media, but if not, be prepared to have your dessert-lovin’ mind blown!

Sugar Factory is known for their massive goblet drinks that produce fog from dry ice, to their extreme milkshakes, to their rainbow sliders, and get this, their $1000 chocolate gold dessert platter! 

Besides desserts, you can also enjoy Mall of America dining here with burgers, pasta, and many other savory dishes. Oh! It’s also THE Mall of America candy store. The candy store is attached to the restaurant. 

If you’re looking where to find Mall of America ice cream, well, you find it here! On the Mall of America directory, you can find Sugar Factory on the third level in-between Macy’s and the Crayola Experience. 

HELPFUL HINT: Sugar Factory is incredibly popular, so I suggest you make a reservation ahead of time to guarantee the opportunity to eat here. 

Masu Sushi and Robata Mall of America

With so many dining options, I know it’s overwhelming to choose, but Masu is one of the highest rated restaurants in Mall of America. 

They have been known to win awards for their ramen, but we had their short rib udan, and there was so much incredible flavor in this dish. 

You can choose to sit down and eat, or you can take your order to-go. 

Along with the udan, we tried a pork bun, and honestly, Bonchon’s pork buns are so much better. 

I think Masu is mostly known for it’s sushi (which we didn’t try), noodles, and rice bowls. I do wish we had tried more here, but after the udan, I definitely recommend you try it for yourself.

Carlo’s Bakery Mall of America

Located right outside the third level food court in Mall of America, you’ll find the famous Carlo’s Bakery

The biggest obstacle you’ll have when visiting the bakery is deciding what in the world to order. There are so many beautiful pastries and baked goods.

We asked the employee what she recommends and she said that you can’t leave without trying the cannoli (one of my favorite desserts anyway) and the lobster tail. 

The lobster tail is a pastry filled with a French cream and a hint of Bailey’s. We had never tried one before this visit, but it was so good!

I would add this to your Mall of America restaurants list…even for a quick snack to share. 

Naf Naf Grill Mall of America

Okay, Naf Naf Grill is up there as the best place to eat at Mall of America, and it has everything to do with flavor. 

I’m going to be honest here, I was really not looking forward to eating here, but my husband really wanted to try it out. Well, I’m so glad he did!

That chicken shawarma filled pita was crazy good! I might be the newest fan of Middle Eastern food and if you give this a go, you will be too. 

You can choose chicken, steak, or falafel to fill your pita, along with other toppings and sauces. 

I’m pretty sure that Mall of America food court hours are the same as the mall hours, so make sure you schedule a break for one of the best pitas out there. Oh…and come hungry. They’re huge!

Hot Indian Foods Mall of America

I’m just going to put it out there…Hot Indian Foods was my least favorite meal from the restaurants around Mall of America, and it was one of the top places I wanted to try. 

Their theme is “sexy food for sexy people”, so I knew it was meant for me. Hahaha! But for real, it was a letdown. 

Here’s the deal. It’s not bad…it’s just okay. I was expecting big flavors and it just didn’t deliver. I know it’s a Mall of America fast food, but I was expecting more. 

We ordered the indurrito (a burrito made with roti/flatbread) filled with chicken tikka masala, pickled aioli, and topped with their house made slaw. All that sounds like it’d be banging with flavor, but it was rather bland. 

I might not rate Hot Indian Foods as some of the best food in Mall of America, but it’s not bad. So, I do suggest you try it for yourself. Or just walk next door to Naf Naf Grill. 

Wonders Ice Cream Mall of America

Here’s another slight disappointment. We had high hopes for Wonders Ice Cream, but sometimes it’s the employees themselves that let you down. 

If you look on their website or social media pages, you’ll see these gorgeous photos of their ice cram creations. Even on their menu, they share a photo of what your ice cream will look like. 

Well, as snooty as it sounds, I wanted a pretty ice cream. I can promise you, what we ordered, didn’t look like the ice cream below. 

We could tell the employee didn’t look like he wanted to be there and was rushing to finish our order. 

All that said, the ice cream was still freaking good. It might not be pretty or look like the pictures, but it was legit ice cream. 

I still recommend you add it to your places to eat in the Mall of America. I mean, we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?

VomFass Mall of America

This will not be one of your normal Mall of America places to eat, as it’s actually a cooking class. 

VomFass sells olive oils, spices, and other gourmet foods, but the best thing they offer is a variety of cooking classes. You might not have found this when doing a normal search of where to eat at Mall of America, but I’m telling you…this is worth looking into. 

When you look on their website, you can find what cooking events they’re holding. If you find one you’re interested in, you can book online. (They offer full refunds if canceled seven days out.)

I recommend VomFass because you’re not only eating, but also engaging in a food experience. If you’re not interested in a class, this is still one of the coolest food places in Mall of America. 

Plus, you can just visit for the liquor samples!

Urbana Craeft Kitchen near Mall of America

Alright, I might be cheating here, but hear me out. Urbana Craeft Kitchen is a top notch breakfast near Mall of America and needs to be made known. 

Yes, it’s not actually in the mall, but you can easily take the Mall of America light rail to the Hyatt Regency Bloomington to get this killer breakfast. 

Urbana is a newer local restaurant that prides itself on using regional and sustainable ingredients in its kitchen. The menu highlights what is local. 

It boasts high reviews, making this one of the best restaurants near mall of America. I mean…just take a look at this steak and eggs plate. 

Mall of America Food 

You got your stretchy pants and a list of some of the best places to eat at Mall of America, so here are a few more tips before you go:

If you purchase the Mall of America coupon book or if you get one with your MOA ticket purchase, be sure to check there for Mall of America coupons for restaurants!

To help you better plan your Mall of America trip, download the Mall of America map app! The app will have a complete Mall of America list of stores and restaurants. 

Having access to the app will help you better navigate the four story mall!

Mall of America hours typically run from 10:00am to 9:30pm and 11:00am and 7:00pm on Sundays. This allows plenty of time to work your away around the restaurants at Mall of America. 

We hope that you got some useful advice here and that you’re ready to dive into some MOA food!

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