So, you’re looking for some Rome day tours, but might be overwhelmed by ALL the things to do in Rome? Well, no worries! We can help you start your Rome sightseeing list! We have reviewed four Rome walking tours for your Rome itinerary! 

These tours are the best options when you visit Rome, because while you’re enjoying all the things to see in Rome, you also have a Rome travel guide who also educates you on the history of the sites. 

When planning a trip to Italy, a Vatican tour is easily one of the top Rome attractions that can not be missed. There are a number of tours to choose from, but we’ll be going over the one we did. 

Real quick…did you know that Vatican City is actually a country?! The smallest country in fact. So, who knew that you’d be visiting a different country during your trip to Italy?!

After researching the different Vatican tours, we went with the one that included breakfast and a tour of the gardens. Here are a few reasons why we recommend you add this tour to your Roman holiday. 

1) How many people can say that they had breakfast at the Vatican?! I mean, you get to eat while looking out at St. Peter’s Basilica. (Scroll through the photos to see our view at breakfast.)

Our tour guide told us that we were eating the same breakfast that the pope was getting served that day. 

Speaking of the breakfast, it was buffet style and they offered a lot! They served eggs, meats, breads, pastries, juices, coffee, pancakes, and fresh fruit. You could go back for seconds if you wanted. 

After breakfast, were were brought outside to an unobstructed view of St. Peter’s Basilica before the normal tours and crowds started pouring in. 

2) The 45 minute tour of the gardens. The Vatican is one of the top places to visit in Rome, but you’re missing out if you don’t get to see the gardens. 

Not only do you get to see the well-manicured Vatican gardens, but you get the most amazing views of St. Peter’s Basilica and you get to see the pope’s residence.  

The garden tour of the Vatican is done by an open air bus, so there is no walking involved in this portion. The bus takes you to see the gardens and to visit a few sacred sites. 

The gardens were probably my favorite part of the tour. The tour guide was a wealth of information, the breeze from the open air bus was nice, and we had the grounds to ourselves. We felt like VIPs. 

3) Seeing the Vatican is definitely a must during your Rome vacation, but seeing it with this tour buys you a little time to visit it without the massive crowds.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be crowded, but since the tour starts so early, you will get a little bit of time without is being overwhelming. 

The time we had to explore before the masses of people came in was priceless. I do wish we had a bit longer, but it was nice what we did have. 

4) You get a three hour guided tour through the Vatican Museums to see the Sistine Chapel along with other works of art. The Rome tour guide is well-educated and fills you in non-stop with so much information you probably wouldn’t know otherwise. 

The tour wraps up after visiting St. Peter’s Basilica. The guide will show you works of art in the basilica itself and some of the stories in history involving St. Peter’s Basilica. 

When in Rome, you just can’t miss out on visiting Vatican City. The Vatican is listed in just about every Italy travel guide.

That being said, it’s even better with a tour group. Visiting the Vatican is one of the most popular Rome tours and for very good reason.

There’s a whole lot to see, and using a tour guide makes the visit not only easier, but much more informative too. 

Roman Food Tour

Alright y’all. I know that there are SO many things to see in Rome, but what about things to EAT in Rome? There’s only one good way to both see and eat in Rome. A food tour in Rome

Here’s the deal. We’ve done this food tour in Rome TWICE…two different trips to Rome, Italy. To our family, it’s one of the best things to do in Rome….hands down. It’s our kids’ favorite memory from our 4 days in Rome. 

My number one piece of advice if you decided to do this food tour: wear your super stretchy pants. You will eat and drink so much. Make sure you go hungry.

I’m purposely only sharing one photo from the food tour, because I want you to be surprised about what you’re going to eat. I don’t want to take that from you. 

In the photo below, you’ll see the a meat and cheese sampler. What’s cool about this, is that you’ll learn where all the cheeses and meats come from.

The tour guides are extremely knowledgeable about the food and wine, so you’re not only eating, but learning as well.  

If you ask me, no Italy itinerary is complete without a good food tour, and when you visit Rome, you have a variety to choose from. 

We have recommended this tour to numerous people, and they all have loved it! We’re not the only ones who believe this is one of the best Rome tours. 

HELPFUL HINT: If you’re looking to get outside the center of Rome, be sure to look at the food tour, Rome Food Tour at Sunset near Prati. It’s run by the same group as above (one of the best Rome tour companies), but you’re more in a residential neighborhood vs the touristy areas of Rome.

Rome Colosseum Tour

A tour of the Colosseum is probably the most popular out of all Italy tours. As matter of fact, when you do a quick search of what to do in Rome, the Colosseum is the first things that pulls up. 

The tour we did ourselves and recommend to others is the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill tour

They keep the tour groups small. I think no more than 20 in a group. This is nice, because you don’t want to be in a large and overwhelming group when you’re visiting one of the top things to do in Rome!

Our group met at 8:00am outside the Colosseum, and after we got our headsets, we entered shortly after. 

Once you enter the Colosseum, you will be standing in one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Just think about that for a minute. Just another reason this is a must see in Rome.

Your Roman tour guide will be very knowledgeable about the history of the Colosseum and there’s not a dull moment as you walk around where gladiators once battled. 

After leaving the Colosseum, and you’re not going to want to leave, but you’ll head over to the Roman Forum, where you’ll walk around the remanding ruins from the Rome of the past.

One of the best views of the Roman Forum comes when you visit Palatine Hill. Palatine Hill is referred as an open air museum. It’s one of the “Seven Hills in Rome”. 

This is by far one of the best Italy tours and it only takes three hours! That being said, we had a morning tour in July and it got hot fast! Make sure you bring water with you. 

The Colosseum is obviously a must do in Rome, but what makes this tour go great is that you also get time in the Forum and Palatine Hill. Go ahead…add one of the most famous Rome tourist attractions to your Rome travel itinerary. 

HELPFUL HINT: If you arrive early, you can grab a bite to eat at the cafe across the street from the Colosseum, Oppio Cafe. We sat on the patio and enjoyed a breakfast with the Colosseum as our view! Also, by getting there early, you can take some amazing photos with the Colosseum in the background and not a single soul in your photos! 

Gourmetaly Food Tour

I know, I know. I already shared a food tour to add to your Italy trip planner, but hear me out. Italy vacations are all about about the food and sights, am I right?

However, a food tour gives you the best of both worlds, and this particular food tour in Rome nails it! 

When tourist book trips to Rome, they can save themselves planning time by booking multiple food tours. These Rome guided tours are more than just food. They’re about community, culture, and living like a local.

Gourmetaly’s tour guides are local residents that take you around their neighborhoods and introduce you to Rome’s history, fruit and vegetable markets, and of course, the local restaurants.

Not going to lie, although the food was amazing on this tour, my favorite part was actually visiting Campo de’ Fiori Market, probably the oldest market in Rome.

They set this market up every single morning (except for Sundays) and then they break it down every afternoon. 

I loved that our guide went though and showed us what locals normally buy. Also, how they harvest and cook the fruits and veggies that are there. The market is an Instagrammer’s dream!

What we especially loved about this particular food tour is that you get to eat and tour the Jewish Ghetto. Our brilliant tour guide was very informative on the Jewish history in Rome and what local foods are typically served there. 

Do yourself a favor and book one of the most culturally enriched walking tours of Italy! Wear comfortable shoes, as you’ll be walking all kinds of streets of Rome!

Same as the food tour mentioned above, I don’t want to share too much and give away all the food you eat, but know that you finish with two types of homemade pasta and of course, REAL gelato!

Rome Walking Tours for Your Rome Itinerary

Rome tourism is amazing, but I have to say, these are the best tours in Rome. 

You can easily do all four of these tours in two or three days in Rome. By taking these tours, you’ll see, eat, and experience Rome like no other!

Safe travels to Rome and have an aperol spritz or a nice glass of red wine for us! 

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