1. Location

Firstly, just like the real estate market, hotel stays are all about location, location, location! The Modern Hotel & Bar is centrally located in Boise.

Although I had to take an Uber to/from the airport ($11 each way), I was able to walk everywhere else. The hotel is just over a half mile walk from the Capitol Building and the Anne Frank Memorial.

Many shops and restaurants are even closer. Speaking of restaurants, both the main hotel building and the apartment style suites building each have a restaurant attached.

You can read where to eat in Boise and things to do in Boise here

2. Stylish and Clean

As mentioned in the name, the buildings are very stylish and modern. The lobby welcomes you with clean lines, modern furniture, and black and white photos with pops of color.

Even the back of the building matches the rest. Street art is hot right now, and the back of the hotel is entire piece of art! It’s like Freak Alley IS your hotel.

The rooms themselves were designed with style AND comfort in mind. The rooms were immaculate! I mean, the place looked brand new.

If you enjoy modern and chic, then you’ll LOVE The Modern Hotel and Bar!

3. The Room

The room I had was a family’s dream hotel room. A two-bedroom suite with TWO bathrooms, a full kitchen, living room, and dining room.

Y’all. We have older kids, so space is not only appreciated by us adults, but the kids as well. What I loved about the suite was that they added special touches.

The two linen areas offered more towels and washcloths than normal, extra toiletries, and a blow dryer. There were little plants around, so it felt like a home, not a hotel.

Oh, and a cool feature! The AC and heater are run by remote control, I was more giddy about that than what’s probably normal. : )

4. The Modern Hotel and Bar Amenities

This is when I really wished is wasn’t snowing while I was visiting Boise. The hotel offered two HUGE amenities that I would have loved to use.

The first, bike rentals. They have these adorable bikes that you can check out and explore the city on. The sidewalks and roads were snowy, so I passed on taking them out this time.

The other amenity that I know I would love, is the outdoor fire pit area. I can’t imagine this space in the spring, summer, and fall! 

5. Customer Service

The Modern Hotel and Bar exceeded my expectations with customer service in three ways:

1) Check-in and check-out were quick and easy, and the lady at the front desk was very pleasant and kind.

2) The front desk gives you a candy bar! I mean, want to be my BFF? Feed me!

3) I left my glasses in my room, and didn’t realize it until almost a week later.

Well, I called the hotel and they had them in the mail for me the following day! Now, that’s great customer service!

The Modern Hotel and Bar is definitely one of the best hotels in Boise! It’s classy, friendly, and again, that location can’t be forgotten. So, if you’re looking where to stay in Boise, you know where to head!
Thank you so very much to The Modern Hotel and Bar for the sponsored stay. 
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