Dolly Parton is EVERYWHERE

During our Smoky Mountain getaway (you can read about that here), we were fortunate to stay at this amazing resort. First things first: From the moment you drive up DreamMore Way to Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort in Pigeon Forge, you see the first signs of Dolly, the butterflies.

You will find Dolly’s signature butterflies everywhere from the outside of the property, to chairs in the garden, to the curtains in the lobby. There are photos of her on every floor, along with many of her famous quotes.

Each elevator has a positive Dolly message, and the lobby has many of her instruments framed and hanging on the walls.

I think the coolest Dolly item in the entire Dollywood Resort has to be her Dream Box. It’s a chestnut box that won’t be opened until Dolly’s 100th birthday. In her Dream Box, is her final song, “My Place in History”. The box will be open in 2046. 

If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to planning your Smoky Mountain vacation, you find it here

Resort Grounds

My absolute favorite part of the entire DreamMore Resort are the grounds. They are just beautiful and designed so well. Since we visited while it was cold, we were unable to see folks using this space, but I can’t imagine what it’s like when the weather is warmer. Every rocking chair is probably taken while they enjoy the views.

There are about four or five fire pits, rocking and adirondack chairs, a cornhole game, tons of green space, and last but not least, an incredible outdoor pool. The pathways throughout “The Backyard” are lined with intentional landscaping and were well manicured.

Oh, what I’d give to return when the weather is warmer! The proximity of the resort itself is the closest to all the Dollywood theme parks.

Inside the Resort and Other Amenities

Inside of Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is simply stunning. I mean, the lobby is incredibly inviting with its many living areas. There are grand fireplaces, couches, chairs, and don’t get me started on the views from the massive wall of windows.

We spent our first evening relaxing by one of the fireplaces as Dolly Parton’s music played throughout the resort. Besides the gorgeous lobby, there are other places throughout that offered great activities indoors. One is the pool. I was surprised at how large the indoor pool was.

We saw folks using this, as it was freezing when we arrived. They have a great gym that includes free weights as well as cardio equipment. The one thing we really wanted to try, but just didn’t have enough time was the spa. It looked BEAUTIFUL from the outside looking in. Next time…definitely next time. 

Rooms/Attention to Detail

The rooms here are very comfortable and immaculate. I TRIED to find dust or dirt and there was nothing! Not only was the room clean, but the amount of detail that went into decorating was flawless.

Little touches like stamping the toilet paper with the DreamMore Resort logo, the “Dream” lampshade, and even leaving Dolly Parton and DreamMore Resort postcards on the desk for you to use just went above and beyond. The colors in the room are calming and like Dolly herself, chic.

In the shower, the resort provides full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The beds themselves were perfect! Not too soft or too firm. Oh! Their heater/air conditioner fan stayed on the entire night, so it was a great source of white noise. I slept like a baby during my stay here.

Depending on your room, you can have a great view too! Our room (402) had a view of Splash Country across the street. 

Kid Friendly

Alright…what I’d give to be a kid and stay here at the Dollywood Dream Resort. I mean, the kids who get to visit this place are the luckiest kids around. You’ve already seen the pools that the resort offers, but there’s so much more!

Let’s start with the arcade! Yes, the resort has its own arcade, and it has the coolest games. I think even adults will love this area! DreamMore Resort offers a kids program as well. Although, I’m not 100% sure on the details (my daughter traveled with me and she’s 21), I saw that they get to learn about the Smoky Mountains from a ranger!

For a fee, they do nightly s’mores. What I thought was cool about the layout of the outside, is that all the kids’ areas are right next to one another. So, there’s the playground, then the splash pad, then the beach/shallow part of the pool near that.

There was a lot of thought that went into designing these spaces. The last little touch I saw for the kids were the painted benches that looked like an open book. If you know anything about Dolly, you know her love for children and supporting their love for reading. Not sure about that aspect of her life? Just read about it here

Restaurants On-Site

There are two restaurants on-site. One is a southern style buffet, Song and Hearth, and the other is a cafe, DreamMore Pantry. The Pantry serves coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches, the famous Dollywood’s cinnamon bread, pizza, and the best of all…ice cream!

We ate at the buffet the first evening, and we had the best server. We enjoyed most of everything we ate, and we took full advantage of the donut wall. Yes, they have a donut wall! Honestly, the donut was so good, that I liked it more without the toppings.

We enjoyed breakfast from DreamMore’s Pantry, where we shared the cinnamon bread and a breakfast sandwich. If you wanted, you could literally never leave the resort, because they have everything you need right there.

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort is one of the few places that I’ve visited that shares the same standards as any Disney Resort. The helpful staff not only wants guests who visit to have an enjoyable stay, but unforgettable one. As my daughter and I packed up our room, a wave of sadness came over us. We’re huge Dolly Parton fans, so to stay at her resort, was such a dream come true. We look forward to returning when the trees are fully covered in leaves, the flowers are bloomed, and we’re able to take full advantage of all the resort as to offer. Since we were staying at her resort, it only made sense that we visit Dolly Parton’s Stampede as well. Check out my post about that experience here. 

Thank you so very much Dollywood for the sponsored stay. It was truly amazing!

During our visit to the Smoky Mountains we stayed at the DreamMore Resort and The Inn at Christmas Place. You can read my post on the year-round Christmas themed hotel here.

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