Pirates Voyage is the best Christmas show in Myrtle Beach! Okay, so that might be my personal opinion, but if you or the kids love pirates and love Christmas, then this is a must see when visiting Myrtle Beach during Christmas. 

There are countless Myrtle Beach attractions to choose from, but out of the Christmas shows, Pirates Voyage Myrtle Beach offers so much. 

In this post, we’ll share our experience at the Pirates Voyage dinner. You’ll know what all is included with your ticket and what to expect during this themed Christmas program.

Have fun planning your pirate Christmas!

You read that right. The Pirates Voyage turns into Christmas in the South. From the massive Christmas tree and cross in the front of the building, to Christmas lights wrapped around the pirate ships. 

I’m telling ya, if you’re wanting Christmas lights, festive decorations, and to get into the holiday spirit, you don’t want to miss this Christmas show!

When it’s dark outside, the tree starts to form a line for those wanting to take photos. The line goes by quickly, but the lights on the tree make for a great background for holiday pictures.

Two Myrtle Beach Shows in One

When searching for Myrtle Beach entertainment, you don’t just get one show at Pirates Voyage, but you get TWO holiday shows! That’s right, two.

Before the start of the Pirates Voyage Christmas Show, there is a fun and interactive pre-show held in the front room.

You don’t want to miss the talent here! They have singers, jugglers, and Salty the sea lion. If you need a snack to hold you over, they sell popcorn (served in the cutest sand bucket with shovel), nachos, and other goodies and drinks.

They also give shout outs during the pre-show. So, if you’re celebrating a birthday or something, they’ll announce it and everyone cheers. (I’d love to be an eight year old celebrating my birthday here….well, any birthday at that!)

Christmas at Pirates Voyage Show

Alright, now for the main event! Y’all! Be ready for an evening full of non-stop action, laughs, fire, acrobatics, singing, and of course, Christmas cheer!

The entertainers here are not only amazing, but extremely talented. You can tell that they put in hours of work to put on a flawless show.

How do pirates and Christmas go together? Well, during the Christmas show, you’ll see where they do their own spin on A Christmas Carol. The head pirate is too worried about treasure to remember the joys of Christmas.

That’s until the Christmas ghost helps guide him, and he once again finds the true meaning of Christmas. This is one of the top family friendly activities to do in Myrtle Beach in December or November.

Look, I don’t want to give too much away, but I highly encourage you to swipe over the photos below to see what fun you can expect.

Pirates Voyage Meal

This is one of the most visited Myrtle Beach dinner shows, so lets talk supper, y’all! I know I mentioned that you can grab snacks in the pre-show, but be careful.

The dinner included with your admission is not a light one. It’s a four course meal that includes: creamy vegetable soup, a biscuit, half a roasted chicken, pulled pork, corn on the cob, a huge potato wedge, and you finish it off with an apple turnover.

You also get unlimited Coke products, sweet tea, or water. If you’re in need of a vegetarian option, they offer those too.

You’ll clean the plate! The chicken falls right off the bone, the vegetable soup is so good that sell it in the gift shop. Overall, you’ll leave happy and full.

HELPFUL HINT: Please remember to tip your servers. They work really hard to provide you with the best service. They have ATMs in the gift shop so you can grab cash before the show starts.

HELPFUL HINT: Please remember to tip your servers. They work really hard to provide you with the best service. They have ATMs in the gift shop so you can grab cash before the show starts. 

Animal Acts in the Show

It’s important to a lot of people to be educated about the use of live animals in shows. I know that some folks don’t support it, so I want to inform you on the animals used in this show. 

First off, Salty the sea lion is used in the per-show and main show for a matter of minutes. There are also camels, ducks, birds, a donkey, and dogs.

After the show, I waited for a worker near the sea lion viewing pool to ask them questions about their animals.

So, the animals involved in the show have been born in captivity and are used for the show’s purpose.

The sea lions have three total pools that they use for space. The outside viewing pool is the smallest and is used just for viewing purposes. I was assured there were two more pools inside. 

The camels and donkey get to roam in the fields around the building during the day.

I felt it was important to share this, as I know some of y’all feel strongly about not promoting businesses that use animals. However, based on the worker I spoke with, I truly feel these animals are well loved and cared for.

Christmas Show in Myrtle Beach

If you’re visiting Myrtle Beach in November or December, what better way to experience a beach Christmas than with pirates?!

Plus, you’ll be looking into Myrtle Beach dining anyway, so why not include show as well?

I know there are other dinner shows in Myrtle Beach SC, but are they wholesome, full of family fun, and most of all, do they include pirates?

Thank you so very much to the folks at the Christmas at Pirates Voyage for hosting me. It was truly a great experience! 

To everyone else, safe travels and enjoy your Christmas at the beach!

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