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Time Zone Travelers is made up of a family who enjoys exploring the world one trip at a time. We typically travel last minute, which has helped us learn how to book some great last minute deals. 

Our favorite thing we like to do on our travels is to eat. We love visiting local coffee shops, restaurants, food tours, and we REALLY love desserts! After our travels, there will typically always be a food guide posted on the blog. 

Along with food, Time Zone Travelers loves spending time in cool hotels and Airbnbs. We feel that staying a fun place adds to the travel experience. We enjoy reviewing the places we stay, so others can plan their trips based on our recommendations. 

Be sure to following along, as you never know where we’ll end up next!



Jaems is the voice and words behind Time Zone Travelers. She runs the family’s Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook pages. She enjoys traveling the world on a whim. As the kids get older, she makes it a priority to create as many travel memories as a family as she can. 


Time Zone Travelers wouldn’t be here without this guy right here. Bryan is the airline employee of the family. Not only is he a pilot for the best airline out there, but also serves in the Air Force Reserves. He plays a huge role in Time Zone Travelers blog…he’s the cute IT guy. 


Kelsye is the model of Time Zone Travelers and sometimes takes over stories on Instagram. She takes her brother on annual trips to places like Disneyland and Nashville. She enjoys traveling so much that she hopes to become a flight attendant after college graduation. 


Every family has “the funny one”, right? That funny one is Gavin. Gavin has earned himself fans on Time Zone Travelers’ Instagram. If you were to ask Gavin, “How do you like to fly?”, he’d have one answer for you: First Class. LOL! Gavin is the youngest member of this family, but he brings lots of laughs with his personality. 

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